Expertise Medicinal Chemistry

Specialized in

  • Evaluation of targets
  • Evaluation of hits from screening  or otherwise identified
  • Evaluation of leads
  • Provide guidance in hit and lead optimization
  • Hands on experience; lead-2-development candidate optimization following medicinal chemistry based concepts especially focused on parallel optimization of potency, selectivity, solubility, metabolic stability, permeability, bioavailability, safety, chemical stability; supporting design of NCE’s (experience with modeling programs such as Benchware 3D explorer, Accelrys Discovery Studio  and Yasara).
  • Setting up synthesis schemes towards dedicated compounds
  • Designing compounds and/or  focused libraries for hit/ lead optimization
  • Monitoring the quality and progress of your project especially in respect to medicinal chemistry related issues following/implementing state-of-the art knowhow,  technologies and  expertise’s.
  • Designing focused ligand or structure based libraries for different target families
  • Project management of hit-2-lead and lead-2-DC projects
  • Providing support in identifying the ideal Contract Research Organization (CRO) for your project
  • Provide support in setting up contract and/or managing CRO-based research
  • Providing training on topics related to early stages in drug discovery